Oberseminar Algebra und Geometrie

Wintersemester 2017/18: Algebraic K-theory

Organised by I. Halupczok, B. Klopsch, S. Schröer and M. Zibrowius.

All talks take place Fridays at 12:30 in


Follow the above link for details. Below is a rough timeline for the talks mentioned in the programme.
Talks in bold are still looking for volunteers.

13.10. Talk 1: Vector bundles and projective modules (Johannes Fischer)
20.10. Talk 2: Class groups of Dedekind domains (Leif Zimmermann)
27.10. Talk ★: Wall's finiteness obstruction (Benno Kuckuck)
03.11. Talk 3: K1 of division rings (André Schell)
10.11. Talk ★: K1 of Dedekind domains (Benedikt Schilson)
17.11. Talk 4: The s-Cobordism Theorem (David Bradley-Williams)
24.11 Talk 5: The short exact sequence (Oihana Garaialde Ocana)
(Dec ?) Talk ★: The fundamental theorem
(Dec) Talk 6: Universal abelian extensions (Immanuel Halupczok)
(Dec ?) Talk 7: The Steinberg group
(Dec ?) Talk ★: Matsumoto's Theorem
(Dec) Talk 8: Classifying spaces (Matteo Vannacci)
(Dec/Jan) Talk 9: Quillen’s constructions of higher algebraic K-theory (Tobias Hemmert)
(Jan) Talk 10: K-theory of finite fields (Stefan Schröer)
(Jan) Talk ★: K-theory of the integers (Kevin Langlois)
(Feb ?) Talk ★: K-theory of schemes
(Feb ?) Talk ★: The Farrel-Jones Conjectures
(Feb ?) Talk ★: Vandiver's Conjecture

The following topics mentioned in the programme will most likely not be covered:

★: Cancellation theorems
★: Projective modules over group rings


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