Oberseminar Algebra und Geometrie

SS 2015: Rational varieties

Organised by B. Klopsch, N. Perrin and S. Schröer. Fridays 10:30 -- 12:00 in room

We will work through the book Rational and Nearly Rational Varieties by János Kollár, Karen E. Smith and Alessio Corti. See the program in PDF.

17.04.2015   N. Perrin. Rational and unirational varieties: The case of curves.
24.04.2015   R. Gonzales. Quadric hypersurfaces.
08.05.2015   A. Thillaisundaram. Cubic hypersurfaces.
15.05.2015   S. Kionke. Other examples and some numerical criteria.
22.05.2015   B. Schilson. Segre and Manin Theorems: statements.
29.05.2015   A. Schell Segre and Manin Theorems: proofs.
05.06.2015   A. Samokhin. Surfaces: Rationality criterion of Castelnuovo.
12.06.2015   Guest talk: T. Yasuda. (MPIM)
A generalization of the McKay correspondence to an arbitrary characteristic.
Abstract: I will talk about a generalization of the McKay correspondence to an arbitrary characteristic. More precisely, what we generalize is the McKay correspondence in terms of stringy invariants, which was proved by Batyrev in characteristic zero. For the generalization, the conjectural moduli space of Galois covers of a formal disk naturally appears. Therefore this generalization of the McKay correspondence is closely related to the number-theoretic problem of counting Galois extensions of a local field.
19.06.2015   L. Zimmermann. Surfaces: minimal model.
26.06.2016   S. Novaković. Noether-Fano method.
03.07.2015   C. Bärligea. Proof of Iskovskih-Manin result on quartics.
10.07.2015   Seminar Excusion.
16-17.07.2015   Workshop p-adic analysis. organized by Sascha Orlik at BUW,
see the webpage.