Oberseminar Algebra und Geometrie

WS 2014-2015: Essential dimension

Organised by B. Klopsch, N. Perrin and S. Schröer. Fridays 12:30 -- 14:00 in room

We will work through the overview [Berhuy and Favi 2008]: Essential dimension: A functorial point of view (after A. Merkurjev). In the second half, we will work on more specialized results discussed in [Merkurjev 2013]: Essential dimension: a survey. See the program in PDF.

17.10.2014   N. Perrin. Essential dimension: definition.
24.10.2014   N. Perrin. Galois cohomology.
31.10.2014   B. Kuckuck. Cohomological invariants.
07.11.2014   A. Schell. Free actions and torsors.
14.11.2014   L. Zimmermann. Versal pairs and Rost's definition.
21.11.2014   B. Klopsch. Generic torsors and compressions.
28.11.2014   A. Thillaisundaram. Some finite groups.
05.12.2014   Meeting: Geometric group Theory in Bonn.
12.12.2014   S. Kionke. Finite groups of essential dimension one.
19.12.2014   R. Gonzales. Finite groups of small essential dimension.
09.01.2015   B. Schilson. Essential dimension of complex abelian varieties.
16.01.2015   C. Bärligea. Upper bound for essential dimension of PGL(p^s).
23.01.2015   S. Schröer. Essential dimension of PGL(p^2) I.
30.01.2015   S. Novakovic. Essential dimension of PGL(p^2) II.
06.02.2015   TBA. TBA.