Advanced Seminar on Group Theory

Lehrstuhl für Algebra und Zahlentheorie

Sommersemester 2017

Normally we meet on Thursday 16:30 - 18:00 in room 25.22. 03.73 .
For details see schedule below.
Advanced topics in group theory are discussed in short series of talks and guest lectures.
Prof. Dr. Benjamin Klopsch and Dr. Oihana Garaialde Ocaña
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Research seminar in pure mathematics.


Date Speaker Title
Thursday 20.07.2017
Guest lecture
Time: 16:30
Room: 25.22 03.73
Moritz Petschick
(Universität Leipzig)
Wann sind GGS-Gruppen konjugiert?
Thursday 27.07.2017
Guest lecture
Time: 11:00
Room: 25.22 00.72
Colin Reid
(University of Newcastle, AU)
Locally compact simple groups
Topic: p-Adic analytic pro-p groups (from a group-theoretic point of view) (programme)
Thursday 09.03.17
Room: 25.22. 03.73
Benjamin Klopsch Introduction and basic definitions
Wednesday 15.03.17
Room: 25.22. 03.73
Matthias Riepe Powerful pro-p groups and Lie rings
Thursday 30.03.17
Alejandra Garrido The Campbell-Hausdorff formula
Thursday 06.04.17
Room: 25.22. 03.73
Carsten Feldkamp The Lie algebra
Thursday 13.04.17
Room: 25.22. 03.73
Matteo Vannacci p-Adic analytic groups and uniform pro-p groups
Thursday 27.04.17
Room: 25.22. 03.73
Immanuel Halupczok Hilbert's fifth problem
Thursday 11.05.17
Room: 25.22. 03.73
Florian Severin Lie Theory for uniform pro-p groups and powerful Zp-lattices
Friday 26.05.17
Room: 25.22. 03.73
Benno Kuckuck Analytic pro-p groups of dimension less than p
Thursday 08.06.17
Room: 25.22. 03.73
Steffen Kionke Analytic groups over more general pro-p rings
Wednesday 14.06.17
Room: 25.13. U1.30
Oihana Garaialde Cohomology of p-adic analytic groups

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