Advanced Seminar on Group Theory

Lehrstuhl für Algebra und Zahlentheorie

Sommersemester 2019

For the summer time we meet on Tuesday 10:30 - 12:00 in room 25.22 01.81 .
For details see schedule below.
Advanced topics in group theory are discussed in short series of talks and guest lectures.
Prof. Dr. Benjamin Klopsch and Moritz Petschick
See also:
Doctoral Research Seminar in Pure Mathematics.


Topic: Twisted Conjugacy Classes, Reidemeister Zeta Functions and Dynamical Systems (programme)
Date Speaker Title
Tuesday 02.04.19
Room: 25.22 03.73
Zeynep Kisakürek Introduction, overview and basic definitions
Tuesday 09.04.19
Room: 25.22 03.73
Djurre Tijsma Pontryagin duality
Tuesday 16.04.19
Room: 25.22 03.73
Matteo Vannacci Rationality results for Reidemeister zeta functions
Tuesday 30.04.19
Room: 25.22 03.73
Moritz Petschick Twisted conjugacy classes in nilpotent groups
Tuesday 07.05.19
Room: 25.22 03.73
Moritz Petschick Twisted Burnside theorems for polycyclic-by-finite-groups I
Tuesday 14.05.19
Room: 25.22 03.73
Moritz Petschick Twisted Burnside theorems for polycyclic-by-finite-groups II
Tuesday 21.05.19
Room: 25.22 03.73
Benno Kuckuck Reidemeister numbers for Baumslag-Solitar groups
Tuesday 28.05.19
Room: 25.22 03.73
Karthika Rajeev Twisted conjugacy classes in weakly branch groups
Tuesday 11.06.19
Room: 25.22 03.73
Djurre Tijsma Elements of finite order in the Nottingham group
Tuesday 18.06.19
Room: 25.22 03.73
Benjamin Klopsch Dynamical zeta functions associated to compact connected abelian groups
Wednesday 10.07.19 at 16:30
Room: 25.22 00.74
Maximilian Vöcklinghaus
(Bachelorstudent, HHU)
Wortabbildungen in endliche einfache Gruppen (nach A. Lubotzky)
Friday 19.07.2019
Guest lecture
Room: 25.22 01.81
Iker de las Heras
(University of Bilbao)
Lower central commutators in finite p-groups
Topic: Rigidity of Branch Groups (programme)
Tuesday 30.07.19
Room: 25.22 01.81
Anitha Thillaisundaram
(University of Lincoln)
Branch groups, basal subgroups and rigidity properties
Tuesday 06.08.19
Room: 25.22 01.81
Moritz Petschick Rigidity theorem of Grigorchuk and Wilson
Tuesday 13.08.19
Room: 25.22 01.81
Benno Kuckuck Rigidity theorem of Lavreniuk and Nekrashevych I
Tuesday 20.08.19
Room: 25.22 01.81
Karthika Rajeev Rigidity theorem of Lavreniuk and Nekrashevych II
Topic: Projective Representation Theory (programme)
Tuesday 27.08.19
Room: 25.22 01.81
Ilir Snopche Basics of Clifford Theory Problems
Tuesday 03.09.19
Room: 25.22 01.81
Zeynep Kisakürek Projective representations and factor sets
Tuesday 10.09.19
Room: 25.22 01.81
Djurre Tijsma Schur multipliers
Tuesday 17.09.19
Room: 25.22 01.81
Benjamin Klopsch Character triples and applications


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