Oleg Bogopolski 
Seminar 'Geometric, Combinatorial and Algorithmic Group Theory' (Fall 2014)
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  • First talk in this semester: Friday, Oct. 17, from 12:30 to 14:00
  • Room:
  • Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Oleg Bogopolski
  • Talks from 2011 pdf
  • Poster pdf


In this semester we will basicly work on the following two papers:

M. Bestvina, M. Feighn, Notes on Sela’s work: Limit groups and Makanin-Razborov diagrams pdf

H. Wilton, Solutions to Bestvina & Feighn’s Exercises on Limit Groups pdf

O. Bogopolski, Lectures on Limit Groups pdf


Public lecture of Oleg Bogopolski: Introduction to train trackspdf

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