Advanced Seminar on Group Theory

Lehrstuhl für Algebra und Zahlentheorie

Sommersemester 2020

The seminar continues non-digitally at a new time and place:
We meet weekly on Tuesday 9:30 - 11:00 in Lecture Hall 5E.

For details see schedule below.
Advanced topics in group theory are discussed in short series of talks and guest lectures.
Prof. Dr. Benjamin Klopsch, Moritz Petschick
See also:
Doctoral Research Seminar in Pure Mathematics


Topic: Exercises collected by J.D. Dixon / Free choice of topics
Date Speaker Title
Tuesday 05.05.20
Moritz Petschick There are no simple groups of order 300, 400 and 540
(= Problem 7.16)
Tuesday 12.05.20
Benjamin Klopsch Frobenius' Theorem (vintage 1901)
Tuesday 19.05.20
Karthika Rajeev On a conjecture arising from a theorem of Frobenius
Tuesday 26.05.20
Zeynep Kisakürek A couple of words on irreducible characters around Exc. 11.30
Tuesday 02.06.20
Djurre Tijsma On the simple groups PSL2(k)
Tuesday 09.06.20 at 16:00
Luis Mendonca BNS invariants, wreath products and related topics
Thursday 18.06.20
Lecture Hall 5E
Benjamin Klopsch Strong conciseness in profinite groups
Thursday 25.06.20
Lecture Hall 5E
Pablo Cubides An introduction to ultraproducts for group theorists and related topics -- Part I
Thursday 02.07.20
Lecture Hall 5E
Pablo Cubides An introduction to ultraproducts for group theorists and related topics -- Part II
Thursday 09.07.20
Lecture Hall 5E
Benjamin Klopsch Powerful p-groups
Thursday 16.07.20
Lecture Hall 5E
Margherita Piccolo The generating graph of a profinite group
Tuesday 21.07.20
Lecture Hall 5E
Moritz Petschick Building finitely generated infinite torsion groups
Tuesday 28.07.20
Lecture Hall 5E
Moritz Petschick Forms of the Magnus Property
Tuesday 04.08.20
Lecture Hall 5E
Martina Conte The Bruhat-Tits tree of SL2 and Ihara's theorem
Summer break
Tuesday 08.09.20
Lecture Hall 5E
Benjamin Klopsch Hausdorff dimension of closed subsets in profinite groups
Tuesday 15.09.20
Lecture Hall 5E
9.30 - 12.00 (two 1h talks)
Djurre Tijsma
Damiano Rossi (BUW)
Automata and finite order elements in the Nottingham group (abstr.)
Character triple conjecture for p-solvable groups (abstr.)
Tuesday 22.09.20
Lecture Hall 5E
Carsten Feldkamp Groups with finitely many conjugacy classes and their automorphism
Tuesday 29.09.20
Lecture Hall 5E
Mima Stanojkovski (Bielefeld / MPI Leipzig) (Strong) isomorphism of p-groups and orbit counting ( abstr. )
Tuesday 06.10.20
Lecture Hall 5E
Max Lindh Dixon's Restricted Character Algorithm
Tuesday 13.10.20
Lecture Hall 5E
Karthika Rajeev Representations of Gupta–Sidki p-groups


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