Advanced Seminar on Group Theory

Lehrstuhl für Algebra und Zahlentheorie

Winter semester 2023/2024

Where & When:
The usual time is Tuesday 10:30 - 12:00 in seminar room 03.73.
Advanced topics in and around group theory are discussed in short series of talks and guest lectures.
Prof. Dr. Benjamin Klopsch

Tue 17.10.23
Seminar room 03.73
all of us
Discussion of topics for this semester

Research talks

Tue 31.10.23
Seminar room 03.73
Benjamin Klopsch
Hausdorff dimension in  p -adic analytic pro-p   groups
Tue 07.11.23
Seminar room 03.73
Doris Grothusmann
The automorphism group of right angled buildings

Representations of reductive p-adic groups

The plan is to learn about the basic set-up (concepts, terminology) for studying smooth representations of reductive  p-adic groups. We start with six lectures, based on lecture notes [1]. See the programme for more details.

Main reference:

  1. Fiona Murnaghhan, Representations of reductive  p-adic groups, (Toronto), 2009. link
Tue 14.11.23
Seminar room 03.73
Martina Conte
Smooth representations of locally compact totally disconnected groups
Tue 21.11.23
Seminar room 03.73
Doris Grothusmann
Haar measure, convolution, and characters of admissible representations
Tue 28.11.23
Seminar room 03.73
Daniel Echtler
Induced representations - general properties
Tue 05.12.23
Seminar room 03.73
Benjamin Klopsch
Parabolic induction and Jacquet modules
Tue 12.12.23
Seminar room 03.73
Giada Serafini
Supercuspidal representations and Jacquet's subrepresentation theorem I
Tue 19.12.23
Seminar room 03.73
Supercuspidal representations and Jacquet's subrepresentation theorem II

Research talks

Tue 9.01.24
Seminar room 03.73
Matteo Vannacci
Profinite groups and algorithmic randomness

I will report on some recent work on algorithmic randomness in profinite groups. In particular, we will compare the property of "generating an open subgroup in a profinite group" against different notions of algorithmic randomness. This is joint work with Willem Fouche and Andre Nies.