Advanced Seminar on Group Theory

Lehrstuhl für Algebra und Zahlentheorie

Summer semester 2023

Where & When:
The usual time is Tuesday 10:15 - 11:45 in seminar room 03.73.
Advanced topics in and around group theory are discussed in short series of talks and guest lectures.
Prof. Dr. Benjamin Klopsch & Margherita Piccolo & Moritz Petschick

Research talks

Tue 25.04.23
Seminar room 03.73
Moritz Petschick
How to repeat yourself & how to finally shut up, or, Engel branch groups
Tue 02.05.23
Seminar room 03.73
Thor Wittich
Operations on Milnor-Witt K-theory
Tue 09.05.23
Seminar room 03.73
Holger Kammeyer
Galois cohomology and profinite solitude
Tue 16.05.23
Seminar room 03.73
Olga Varghese
On quotients of Coxeter groups
Tue 23.05.23
Seminar room 03.73
Jan Hennig
Quadratic intersection theory on moduli spaces
Tue 30.05.23
Seminar room 03.73
Thomas Smith
The degree of commutativity in infinite groups
Tue 06.06.23
Seminar room 03.73
Samuel Corson
An uncountable steep group

In this talk, I'll give some historical background of uncountable abstract groups which have bizarre properties. Discussion will include strongly bounded groups (every action on a metric space has bounded orbits) and Jonsson groups (every proper subgroup has strictly smaller cardinality). Also, I'll sketch a new construction of an uncountable group which is Jonsson, strongly bounded, and Artinian (every strictly descending chain of subgroups is finite). Joint work with Alexander Olshanskii and Olga Varghese.

Tue 13.06.23
Seminar room 03.73
Daniel Echtler
Profinite rigidity of bounded cohomology
Tue 20.06.23
Seminar room 03.73
Giada Serafini
A profinite invariant of arithmetic groups with CSP
Mon 03.07.23 at 16:30
Seminar room 03.73
Kivanc Ersoy
On some problems about centralizers in infinite group theory
Tue 04.07.23
Seminar room 03.73
Margherita Piccolo
Representation growth of semisimple profinite groups
Tue 11.07.23
Seminar room 03.73
Martina Conte
The unique product property for pro-p   groups
Tue 18.07.23
Seminar room 03.73
Rebecca Lenger
Introduction to quivers
Tue 25.07.23
Seminar room 03.73
Fabian Korthauer
Associating quivers to virtually free groups